Why am I doing this?

Because I am not a good enough person.

I want to record my thoughts and explain and explore my position on a range of subjects; obviously veganism, science, racism, feminism, homophobia, disability and philosophy will crop up a lot, but I hope not to limit myself in any way, and to be honest I don’t really know what direction this will take. I will most likely write 1 or 2 posts, then forget about the account until about 2015. But it’s worth a try.

I want to do more to leave the world a slightly nicer place than I found it. I feel I am not doing very much to achieve that. I am hoping that keeping a blog will enable me to try to convince others to live a kinder, more reasonable life, remind me to do the same, and to act as a catharsis for my constant feelings of guilt about not being very nice a lot of the time.

Regarding veganism, I realise that my views are not particularly popular, even amongst my liberal, left-wing, kind hearted group of friends. I find this very hard to deal with, and I am hoping that putting my thoughts down a bit more coherently will convince some of them to change their eating habits, but most of all, I am tired of repeating myself on forums like facebook, and hope to create a collection of work that people can read at their leisure, rather than having to ask me individually over and over again. And obviously I want a book deal.

This blog will not be limited to just vegan topics, though obviously that is one of my priorities, not only because I think it is hugely important, but because I have something to atone for.

I ate meat and other animal products well into my adult life, and well after I knew better, and I am still learning and trying to alter my behaviour to be as harmless as reasonably practicable.

There are many things I need to think through more clearly, and many things I want to say to people, and I am hoping that writing them down will enable me to do this; when I am posting on people’s threads on facebook, I can see why they may feel personally singled out by me. I hope this blog will allow me to make my point more generally, and not aim it at specific people, but for anyone who has felt singled out by me before, please understand that all the judgements I have made about omnivores are ones I have made about myself, and that when you want someone to change harmful behaviour, it is inevitable that they will feel uncomfortable. If I told you you weren’t doing anything wrong, you wouldn’t think about changing. It is my intention to make people uncomfortable about animal use, and this does make my life very difficult; please bear with me.

So anyway, I hope this goes some way towards explaining why I have made this blog, which I hope will help me be a better person, make me happier, improve the lives of all sentient creatures and save the planet, all without sounding like a self-indulgent, first-world problem, massive prick.

Easy as chips.


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