Running Wild

What exactly do animals have to do to prove that they don’t want to die?

Wild animals will do almost anything to survive. They will flee when they can, fight when they can’t, gnaw their own legs off when they’re trapped. When we do catch them they scream and snarl, and try to escape. Survival is paramount. It would be incredibly difficult to farm wild boar or wolverines. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but not without a  lot of precautions and doubtless many workplace injuries.

So we selectively breed their survival instinct out of them. We choose only the most docile and amenable. We make them fat and sedentary and dependent upon us. We breed away their claws and their teeth, their horns and their muscle, their wit and their speed. And then, once their phenotype has been lobotomised we say, “well they don’t mind being farmed, they need us to look after them, and we can even leave the gates open and they don’t run away.” The classic abuser apologetics scarcely need highlighting.

But they still panic, they still cry out, they still bleed and they still die twitching.

We are not doing them a favour; we beat and bred them into submission, and then tell them they like it.

They are not domesticated, they are broken.


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